Penny Dreadful- My running commentary of episode one

Netflix keeps feeding my need for geeky material, and the latest fix comes in the form of Penny Dreadful. What I knew prior to watching: It’s set on victorian London, it has a dark tone with supernatural aspects to the story. There’s magic or incantations or something of sorts. It has literary references and some … Continue reading

Gotham on Fox

Why isn’t CW doing the Batman TV adaptation like they did Superman and Green Arrow? Could it be because DC only puts stock in Batman for a good production? Is that why we haven’t seen serious attempts at making any more franchises? I’d like for DC to get of their horse and give other heroes … Continue reading

Disney Studios chairman resigns

Today Rich Ross, chairman of Walt Disney Studios (those guys responsible for every Disney movie you’ve seen) resigned Friday afternoon, a month after the major disaster that became of the movie “John Carter.” This is not completely unexpected, considering last year’s flop “Mars Needs Moms”, some sources say he was forced to resign after “Carter” … Continue reading

Tv updates

Hey there! We won't have a regular show today so let me give you some updates for the week. First; Mad Men and Game of Thrones. They're both almost halfway through, that means the next episodes are probably going to be more exciting than the last ones. I'm not going to speculate much on GoT, … Continue reading

More Mad Men madness

So, we have small snippets of light as far as the plot is concerned. But we will apply our powers of deduction and analyze the latest pictures uploaded to AMC’s facebook page and try to say something about the time period and probably the show itself. First on the list; the time period. Though a … Continue reading

Look forward to…

Hey there! With spring on it’s way there’s a couple of shows you should keep your eye on.And yes, by a “couple” I literally mean 2, Game of Thrones and Mad Men. Thrones comes back on April 1st and MM will be back on March 25th. Mad Men will begin it’s fifth season on AMC. … Continue reading

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Next friday is the release of Episode 1 on 3D… and to stay up to speed I’m watching the clone wars animated series, It’s great!. Are you going to see the Phantom Menace this weekend? what are you doing to get your geek on? -Lady Madonna Sent from Tatooine

Hunger games superbowl Ad

Lionsgate finally decided they DID want to air a trailer for the hunger games movie during the superbowl, but hey only got a pre-game spot.It is a smart move. There are men who do like the hunger games and a lot of women like and watch football these days, so everyone wins!The trailer is also … Continue reading

Second show of the season

This week show is over! We covered from oscar nominations, to razzies.Had a lot of fun with our guest beacon, great guy who knows his star wars.Even though the signal went down a couple of times we managed to pull trough with the help of Brian.Remember to check the radio website (links on the right … Continue reading

Getting ready

Geting all the sources and info together for the show. Are you familiar with the “Golden Raspberry Awards”? Because we will tell you everything about them and make some predictions! -Lady MadonnaSent from R2-D2

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