Photos Dec’11-Jan’12


Usualmente nos dejamos arrastrar por la vida, nos despertamos y comenzamos la rutina, no nos detenemos a pensar en la maravilla de contar con un día más de vida y todo lo que ello implica, dejamos que la vida pase frente a nosotros sin hacer el menor esfuerzo de vivirla. Porque la rutina es muy … Continue reading

July 2011-Photos

Are 3D movies worth the price?

Moviegoers in 2010 were seven times more likely to pay for a film in 3D, but this year a new MORI suggest they are just as likely to go to a 2D screening. This may be attributed to the fact that going to a 3D screening is usually more expensive than a regular one (25% … Continue reading

Avengers Assemble!

The world premiere is over, that means critics and members of the press have seen this movie already. And they LOVE it! the first reaction in general is positive, and “EPIC”. Marvel streamed the red carpet of the premiere live on their YouTube channel. The upside of having them making the questions (and not Ryan … Continue reading

Catching X-Men

As you may or may not know, hunger Games director Gary Ross has backed down from directing the sequel “Catching Fire” as I commented on the show, we thought it was more because of studio pressure than personal reasons. As it turns out Ros was not too happy with the cut on the production schedule … Continue reading

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