Who Is An Adult?

I am by no means an adult.

It’s amazing how ofter I hear this sentiment in various iterations expressed by people of my generation, usually those aged 21-35. I disregard the term “millennial” because it’s been plagued with negative connotations by those older than we are, so instead let us talk about us young-ish adults instead.

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Breaking up with the system: It’s not you… It’s bureaucracy

By Carolina Rosado Aiza.
Originally written for the course: Management: Principles and Practices of EBS 

When we think of bureaucracy we are instantly reminisced of long queues that culminate in unpleasant and unproductive chats with surly people who couldn’t care less about our enquiry, who will probably give us a document to fill out and to deliver to another sour looking person who will keep that chain in movement. Continue reading “Breaking up with the system: It’s not you… It’s bureaucracy”

“FILOSOFANDO… O ALGO POR EL ESTILO” (this post is in spanish)

En mi primer año en la universidad llevé una materia, de cuyo nombre no me puedo acordar, para la cual escribí un ensayo como requisito de examen final. Aquí está tal cual como lo escribí, hace ya casi cuatro años. “FILOSOFANDO… O ALGO POR EL ESTILO” -Por Carolina Rosado Aíza. No hay mejor lugar para … Continue reading “FILOSOFANDO… O ALGO POR EL ESTILO” (this post is in spanish)