More Mad Men madness

So, we have small snippets of light as far as the plot is concerned. But we will apply our powers of deduction and analyze the latest pictures uploaded to AMC’s facebook page and try to say something about the time period and probably the show itself. First on the list; the time period. Though a … Continue reading

Amazing Trailers

This is going to be a series of posts featuring awesome trailers of upcoming movies. Amazing trailer #1 The Amazing Spider-Man -Lady Madonna Sent From Tatooine

Hunger games superbowl Ad

Lionsgate finally decided they DID want to air a trailer for the hunger games movie during the superbowl, but hey only got a pre-game spot.It is a smart move. There are men who do like the hunger games and a lot of women like and watch football these days, so everyone wins!The trailer is also … Continue reading

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