The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy- Review

I didn’t know anything about this movie, except for the fact that Alan Rickman was listed on the cast. That is until last october. I was looking around the web for news on the upcoming Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”,and I decided that I needed to watch some of the work of Martin Freeman (Who’s going … Continue reading

DU Newsbriefs

A little school project. A news parody in the style of Weekend Update from SNL

Amazing Trailers–Hotel Transylvania

This is the traier for the upcoming “Hotel Transylvania” A new animated movie about Dracula’s (all monsters-no humans allowed) Hotel

Chicago Academy of Arts Museum

Some of my favorites


En mi primer año en la universidad llevé una materia, de cuyo nombre no me puedo acordar, para la cual escribí un ensayo como requisito de examen final. Aquí está tal cual como lo escribí, hace ya casi cuatro años. “FILOSOFANDO… O ALGO POR EL ESTILO” -Por Carolina Rosado Aíza. No hay mejor lugar para … Continue reading

Disney Studios chairman resigns

Today Rich Ross, chairman of Walt Disney Studios (those guys responsible for every Disney movie you’ve seen) resigned Friday afternoon, a month after the major disaster that became of the movie “John Carter.” This is not completely unexpected, considering last year’s flop “Mars Needs Moms”, some sources say he was forced to resign after “Carter” … Continue reading

Amazing Spider-Man insight on The Lizard

MTV’s got the scoop on the supervillain for the new spider-man movie [my personal favorite from the cartoon show], The Lizard. Even though we’ve seen bits of him in conceptual art, and on the trailer; director Marc Webb talks about the motivations of the character, his similarities with Peter and the lab coat look. “There … Continue reading

Tv updates

Hey there! We won't have a regular show today so let me give you some updates for the week. First; Mad Men and Game of Thrones. They're both almost halfway through, that means the next episodes are probably going to be more exciting than the last ones. I'm not going to speculate much on GoT, … Continue reading


Usualmente nos dejamos arrastrar por la vida, nos despertamos y comenzamos la rutina, no nos detenemos a pensar en la maravilla de contar con un día más de vida y todo lo que ello implica, dejamos que la vida pase frente a nosotros sin hacer el menor esfuerzo de vivirla. Porque la rutina es muy … Continue reading

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