Breaking up with the system: It’s not you… It’s bureaucracy

A blogpost on bureaucracy. Originally submitted as an assignment for the University of Essex Business School.

Gotham on Fox

Why isn’t CW doing the Batman TV adaptation like they did Superman and Green Arrow? Could it be because DC only puts stock in Batman for a good production? Is that why we haven’t seen serious attempts at making any more franchises? I’d like for DC to get of their horse and give other heroes … Continue reading

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy- Review

I didn’t know anything about this movie, except for the fact that Alan Rickman was listed on the cast. That is until last october. I was looking around the web for news on the upcoming Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”,and I decided that I needed to watch some of the work of Martin Freeman (Who’s going … Continue reading


En mi primer año en la universidad llevé una materia, de cuyo nombre no me puedo acordar, para la cual escribí un ensayo como requisito de examen final. Aquí está tal cual como lo escribí, hace ya casi cuatro años. “FILOSOFANDO… O ALGO POR EL ESTILO” -Por Carolina Rosado Aíza. No hay mejor lugar para … Continue reading


Usualmente nos dejamos arrastrar por la vida, nos despertamos y comenzamos la rutina, no nos detenemos a pensar en la maravilla de contar con un día más de vida y todo lo que ello implica, dejamos que la vida pase frente a nosotros sin hacer el menor esfuerzo de vivirla. Porque la rutina es muy … Continue reading

Tormenta mental

Miedo a no saber a donde vamos, a caminar sin un propósito fijo. Tener una vaga idea de lo que depara el futuro, pero nada es consistente. Miedo a que todos sepan para que están hechos y tu no. Miedo a quedarse atrás, a ver pasar la oportunidad sin siquiera darse cuenta de que ya … Continue reading

Republian race for the nomination

With poll numbers and public opinion changing on a daily basis, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum strike like gladiators on a battlefield of debates and primaries. It is hard to keep up with what’s going on, especially when the candidates seem more concerned with exposing their rivals’ weaknesses than discussing the … Continue reading

Why did they win?

The awards season is here. Industry watchers and critics get ready to reward the best of the best in cinema. The two most prestigious, and popular award shows are the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. I love to watch the ceremonies, for me it’s really interesting to observe the different nominations and the winners. … Continue reading

Are 3D movies worth the price?

Moviegoers in 2010 were seven times more likely to pay for a film in 3D, but this year a new MORI suggest they are just as likely to go to a 2D screening. This may be attributed to the fact that going to a 3D screening is usually more expensive than a regular one (25% … Continue reading

Avengers Assemble!

The world premiere is over, that means critics and members of the press have seen this movie already. And they LOVE it! the first reaction in general is positive, and “EPIC”. Marvel streamed the red carpet of the premiere live on their YouTube channel. The upside of having them making the questions (and not Ryan … Continue reading

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