Breaking up with the system: It’s not you… It’s bureaucracy

A blogpost on bureaucracy. Originally submitted as an assignment for the University of Essex Business School.

Reminiscences of the X-Men and intolerance

I had a moment of reflection the other day. I was watching Days of Future Past, and I was paying close(er) attention to Bolivar Trask, more specifically to his motivations and what made him (in my humble opinion) an excellent villain. I think it’s sad that Trask’s role didn’t impact the movie as much as it … Continue reading

Penny Dreadful- My running commentary of episode one

Netflix keeps feeding my need for geeky material, and the latest fix comes in the form of Penny Dreadful. What I knew prior to watching: It’s set on victorian London, it has a dark tone with supernatural aspects to the story. There’s magic or incantations or something of sorts. It has literary references and some … Continue reading

Summer blockbusters

El verano es una de las temporadas altas en la industria cinematográfica. Es la época en la que se estrenan las grandes producciones hollywoodenses, súper héroes, explosiones, caricaturas, comedias, mundos lejanos, aventuras épicas y una que otra película de terror compiten por el primer lugar en taquilla. Películas como Avengers, El Caballero de la Noche, … Continue reading

Andy Warhol

 “En el futuro todos tendrán sus 15 minutos de fama” -Andy Warhol El principal exponente del Arte Pop es también uno de los personajes más controversiales de finales del siglo XX. Incursionó en una gran variedad de formas artísticas, destacando la pintura e incluyendo el arte “performance”, cine, dibujo, escultura, audio, televisión, moda, fotografía y … Continue reading

Gotham on Fox

Why isn’t CW doing the Batman TV adaptation like they did Superman and Green Arrow? Could it be because DC only puts stock in Batman for a good production? Is that why we haven’t seen serious attempts at making any more franchises? I’d like for DC to get of their horse and give other heroes … Continue reading

La diferencia Nintendo

Es común que los fanáticos de los videojuegos se “casen” con una marca, muchos creen que tienes que ser aficionado a uno de los tres, X Box, Ps o Nintendo; y que este último está irremediablemente perdido. Si bien podría parecer al ojo inexperto que la batalla de las compañías de videojuegos se da únicamente … Continue reading

Science fiction movies you’ve got to see

I read a couple of Sci-Fi recommendations earlier that made my skin crawl. So, at no one’s request, I’ll post a short list of Sci-Fi movies you’ve got to see (in no particular order of importance): Star Wars (at least the original trilogy) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Close Encounters of The Third … Continue reading

May the 4thBe With You!

May 4th is officially Star Wars day! What will you do to celebrate this EPIC story? movie marathon, cosplay, themed party, a religious road trip to a film location or Lucas’ place of birth? Forget about any other holidays THIS is the they fanboys and fangirls have been waiting for all year.   The official … Continue reading

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy- Review

I didn’t know anything about this movie, except for the fact that Alan Rickman was listed on the cast. That is until last october. I was looking around the web for news on the upcoming Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”,and I decided that I needed to watch some of the work of Martin Freeman (Who’s going … Continue reading

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