Penny Dreadful- My running commentary of episode one

Netflix keeps feeding my need for geeky material, and the latest fix comes in the form of Penny Dreadful.

What I knew prior to watching: It’s set on victorian London, it has a dark tone with supernatural aspects to the story. There’s magic or incantations or something of sorts. It has literary references and some people say it’s what “The league of extraordinary gentlemen” should have been. It stars Eva Green Timothy Dalton and Josh Harnett. Dorian Grey and Victor Frankenstein are a thing that exists.

These are my thoughts during the show… Or running commentary if I had someone to comment to.

Episode 1 Night work

That’s dark

Ok, two nondescript girls… They’re probably going to die… Right? This is supposed to be a kinda creepy show

Is she taking a dum-..Ok she’s dead…

And her kid is either dead or kidnapped

Cool intro… Is there going to be vampires and werewolves too?

Oh, Rose Tyler is in this

I’m not a fan of Dalton

Cross on a bare wall… This could be sacrilegious…

Yep, spider, cross. A slightly demented-looking Eva Green… This is definitely not for kids or conservative people

Is she going to eat that spider?!

Who is she talking to?

Damn… I’m betting demon

Boom, dude can shoot

Right, so it’s 1891

Fake mustaaacheee

And Eva is NOT impressed

Is Harnett actually southern?

something about the civil war. Why is it always the civil war?

He’s going to tap that

Ah, he did

Dirty circus sex. Enigmatic man. Corny dude… Ok, he’s smooth-… kinda

He’s got daddy issues

And Eva is onto his BS

OH! maybe he’s Dorian Grey? he had daddy issues… Didn’t he?

He goes for innuendo… She’s having none of it… I like her

She’s done the “I’m going to sherlock your looks” deal, in the Bond film she was in.

Yeah, he’s probably Dorian Grey

Night job? he’s in

Nice setup so far

Ooooh, good one. “you have a name?” “Yes” and walk away

Frida Khalo flower head thing

His name is chandler?

Is that an opium house? or a brothel?

Probably both

I like the darkness of the settings

Very noir

Oh, Dalton. You’ll have to impress me

Good so far. Straightforward on dialogue, evasive, they’re a weird bunch already

They all look so badass

That dude is definitely a vampire

What are they speaking?


Chandler Bing is quite aware of the other guy

So is Eva

Oh, fight!

Nice action… Crying girl?… Shoot him!

Dalton can stand his ground

Creepy contortionist guy!

And he’s dead

Ew, innards and blood

I see dead people

and Vamp bites

Boss? Dracula of course

And the bat is dead now

Sure? can they die with normal guns?

Who are they looking for?

*jumps* Kill it with fire!

Oh, now, that is a vampire

He’s got the same marks as the mouth of sauron

Is tolkien in on this?

Creatue? vampire.. no?

Vampire shouts

Dead guy and penis

Hehe penis

Don’t try to have a regular conversation when there’s a penis on screen

So far, no boobs, one penis

Assistant is definitely frankestein, he’s sewing parts

And he’s got a shitty attitude



Yeah Victor Frank

Oh, climb off your horse

Ew dead weird thing

Post mortem evaluation. Guy knows his stuff

“Dermis is unusual” no shit Sherlok


Is he a bug? call the men in black, surely an alien



Rad tattoos



Sass game is strong with this doctor guy

And the shooter isn’t too bright… Or is it just me

“come to my house, we’re having a party” And Eva Green with the smart remarks

ew, so. much. blood

Jack the ripper?

Flies and dead people


Smile for the pic..

Yeah, Jack the ripper

Chandler doesn’t seem happy

So Mr. Malcom is kinda the Sean Connery equivalent from TLEG

Vanessa Ives, so that’s the name

Are they going to flirt now?

Weird star on the floor

She’s a card reader? spiritist? something

She looks so boss… But in a creepy way

Intense stares and exposition


Ohh, tarot cards and intense dialogue

She’s tricky… She’s so taunting him

“great violence and hidden depths”

He’s so rough

Nice, explanations are good. But kinda knew most of it

And he says Nein

Good banter. I like the acting

being cursed is a big thing here

Pick a card… Oooh, not without thought

Eva Green is both enticing and scary

And I don’t think Josh Har.–

The lovers, of course..

I like the Harnett guy, he’s better looking now than when he had his moment of fame in the early aughts

Malcom had 2 kids. But only the daughter is missing? Where’s the boy?


He looks cray-cray

I don’t like him

Oh, delightful, flesh eating bugs

Of course the hieroglyphs were Egyptian

blah blah text of the dead blah blah

Oh, a curse of blood

told you curses were a thing

he’s scared

this is getting interesting

“Let’s meet socially” yes, of course

The source…. Oooh, the book of the dead… Of course it is

More corpses

Oh, same corpses

Chandler doesn’t look happy… He looks quite affected…

Is he Jack the Ripepr? nah, but he probably had something to do with it?

Pretty box, not pretty place

For Frankestein… Yes, I’m sure he’s Frankestein

And the other guy, Chandler, could still be Grey? that’d explain the war thing

Nice suit

“The Explorer’s Club” is that like the Diogenes Club?

And he’s certainly like Connery

Background story time

not entirely, but yes

I like the way they unwrap the characters. Slowly, not entirely, and layer by layer

We all seek truth

Same goal, different methods

This guy. So arrogant

Yeah, definitely Frankestein

And this is getting creepier by the minute


Oh, he so wanted to go up to her room

Something’s gonna happen to Malcom

Mina? Harker? Dracula for sure

Oooh, Vanessa had something to do with her disappearance

“the lion turns, looks at you. The moment you realise you’re no longer the hunter, you are the prey”


Creepy Victor

Vanessa prays quite a bit

Still not sure she’s praying to god

She looks… troubled

Candles are flying?… Oh crap. CRAP. EW!

Ok.. Frankenstein. I’m calling him that until they say his name

LOL dead guy on ice with stitches. He’s Frankestein alright

Why do they keep showing the penises of corpses?

Lightening fall

Monster’s SO waking up now

turn on the light you dummy

Behind you!


Bloodshot eyes and bleeding

HA. Called it

{Hits next so fast} Loved it. I’m hooked. NEXT


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