Gotham on Fox

gotham-bar-big11Why isn’t CW doing the Batman TV adaptation like they did Superman and Green Arrow? Could it be because DC only puts stock in Batman for a good production? Is that why we haven’t seen serious attempts at making any more franchises? I’d like for DC to get of their horse and give other heroes a chance. Audiences aren’t dumb, we want different heroes, but most of all, we want good material. We don’t want a sloppy Green Lantern movie; we don’t want Wonder Woman to be typecast as a sidekick. We want GOOD FILMS. We want a good Hal Jordan (take for instance “Green Lantern’s first flight. Epic animated film). We want Wonder Woman as a strong lead. We need Character driven films, and not just superheroes as an excuse to throw punches. For once I’d like to see DC make good live action material that can stand tall next to their great animated series and movies. How epic would it be to have an Arkham series of movies? Or the upcoming Wonder Woman series adapted on screen? I’ll watch Gotham, if only because I like that they’re doing a different take on the Batman. But I’m taking whatever comes with a grain of salt.


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