Academy Awards

Yesterday was Hollywood’s biggest night, and the stars of the night were “Hugo” and “The Artist”, the results were mostly unsurprising to movie followers. That won’t stop us from giving a full review on the show (and a couple o media stunts you may have missed) this wednesday at 4 on the show. Remember you … Continue reading

The Oscars Pre-show

Brace yourselves, because this sunday are the Academy Awards. This is THE weekend on Hollywood, everyone who’s anyone on movie business at the moment will be there. Dressed for slpendor, Hollywood recovers some of it’s past glammour. Long dresses black ties, jewerly and camera flashes; the red carpet is a must for fashion enthusiasts and … Continue reading

The 3D on Star Wars episode one

So after some time to think it over I think I’m ready to place the definitive ruling on the 3D aspect of the movie.It’s certain that the 3D is not the same you get with a movie like Avatar or Tintin which were made to be seen on 3D. But as far as 3D conversion … Continue reading

The Phantom Menace 3D

This wednesday on camera roll we will do a blow by blow on the release of episode one on 3D. And we will cover not only the effect, but the whole movie.Its gonna be legend… Wait till wednesday becausr we will tell you there…Sent from R2-D2

Amazing Trailers

This is going to be a series of posts featuring awesome trailers of upcoming movies. Amazing trailer #1 The Amazing Spider-Man -Lady Madonna Sent From Tatooine

About Star Wars on 3D

Tomorrow is the opening day for The Phantom Menace on 3D and E. Weekly released a video interview with none other than Mr. Lucas himself.George Lucas got the help of two 3D genius; James Cameron and Robert Zemeckis.Here’s the link: I feel that the force is strong with this one.-Lady MadonnaSent from my X-Wing

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Next friday is the release of Episode 1 on 3D… and to stay up to speed I’m watching the clone wars animated series, It’s great!. Are you going to see the Phantom Menace this weekend? what are you doing to get your geek on? -Lady Madonna Sent from Tatooine

Hunger games superbowl Ad

Lionsgate finally decided they DID want to air a trailer for the hunger games movie during the superbowl, but hey only got a pre-game spot.It is a smart move. There are men who do like the hunger games and a lot of women like and watch football these days, so everyone wins!The trailer is also … Continue reading

Second show of the season

This week show is over! We covered from oscar nominations, to razzies.Had a lot of fun with our guest beacon, great guy who knows his star wars.Even though the signal went down a couple of times we managed to pull trough with the help of Brian.Remember to check the radio website (links on the right … Continue reading

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